Saturday, 25 September 2010

ChelleBby Magic: About me...

ChelleBby Magic: About me...

Friday, 17 September 2010

About me...

                           ஜ ChelleBby Magic rezzed for first time in sl on 11/4/2008. ஜ
                                             She started in some clubs working as a host. 
     Not too long after. She thought that the only way she would be happy, was if she could help other people fulfilling their dreams. She wanted to join modeling. So she had a chance to help.. She looked a look time , around secondlife to  find the perfect place. 
    She have had a hard childhood, so she enjoy to make people And children happy. 
    She found many agency's but she was still not happy, so she continued, looking.
     She then found the CWS. And have been with them ever since. 
     She love fashion, shoes, jewlery ect.  - and of course her family ( ♥ Sl & RL ♥ ) - and her                 friends! The very first contest she joined - was Ms Beautiful , At CWS. The fighted her way to          the top.. In the Finale it went good, and she became . 6th  place!

ஜ♥ஜ Classic W/ Style ஜ♥ஜ 

Has rocked her world, ever since.            
♥ Love and Peace. ♥

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Creative styling contest.. Wedensday The 15th September.

Its wedensday and im at a styling event,

yes its true, AT CLASSICWSTYLE... 
And the theme is : Styling Summer Clothes..
And they are all so good.. :)
Im thinking , would i even have a chance..  LOL.. 
 They really rock the runway.. Oh my..
That night had it all, Creative, Fun, Smooth style.. And the best : FASHION!
'- But the most importen, : They had fun!!! :)

Here are a picture of them , watch yourself, good eh? :P

And now : :)))))))


THE WINNER OF TONIGHT. .☆ Diana Balhaus ☆

2nd Place Winner -- ☆ Adrianna Applewhyte ☆

3rd place Winner -- ☆ Ladysunfire Erin ☆

Ty ChelleBby Magic.. 

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

CWS & The Blog Creating Class

The first thing i have to say, is ...
At the class we where told to make a blog. And i never knew it could be so fun.
We learned alot that day, about bloggin, pictures, add's ect.